Conquest is a 'Conquer the World' strategy game similar to RISK(TM) and GO. Up to 8 players, any or all of whom can be computer-controlled, compete on over a 100 maps. Conquest is different from other games in this genre because of the strength of its computer-controlled players, the number of maps available, and the flexibility of its user interface.

The shareware version allows you to use two maps (with unlimited play on those two maps); registration costs $14 (Not available for the moment) and brings the ability to play on all Conquest maps. Versions for Windows 98/2000/Me/XP and Windows CE platforms (PDAs or handheld computers) are available.


Conquest for DOS (old)
Conquest Dos v1.3 Download here [094 Kb] Read-me 10/08/1991
Conquest Dos v1.3+ Download here [085 Kb] Read-me 20/08/1991
Conquest Dos v1.5 Download here [112 Kb] Read-me 03/10/1991
Conquest Dos v1.7 Download here [125 Kb] Read-me 04/03/1992
Conquest Dos v1.8 Download here [109 Kb] Read-me 07/09/1992
Conquest Dos v2.0 Download here [115 Kb] Read-me 07/02/1993
Conquest Dos v2.1 Download here [115 Kb] Read-me 09/01/1994
Conquest Dos v2.2 Download here [128 Kb] Read-me 01/10/1995
Conquest Dos Map Editor v1.8 Download here [130 Kb] 01/10/1995
Key for playing DOS version : 647
Conquest for Win 95 (old)
Conquest Win v1.2 Download here [708 Kb] 21/07/1996
Conquest Win v1.3 Download here [692 Kb] 18/11/1996
Conquest for Win 98/Me/XP
Conquest Win v2.11.06 Download here [562 Kb] 08/01/2002
Conquest Win v2.20.08 Download here [768 Kb] 20/04/2002
Conquest Win v2.40.00 Download here [858 Kb] 06/07/2002
Conquest Win v2.40.01 Download here [858 Kb] 13/07/2002
Conquest Win Map Editor v1.10 Download here [091 Kb] 25/01/2002
Key for playing Win version : 647-2350-1234-9649
The Conquest Map Editor is now available! If you used the previous DOS version, you will be amazed at how easy it is to create maps. You can even input scanned images (I used this method to create the map of South America below). You will need the latest version of Conquest to use these maps (you also have to register Conquest to used the maps, not available for the moment). The map editor runs only on Windows 98/Me/2000/XP (not Windows CE)
Package Dos "Conqmap1 Maps" v1.3 Download here [023 Kb] Read-me 17/08/1991
MAP viewer for Conquest maps Download here [051 Kb] 21/05/1991
Additional maps from Magnodyne (Dos) Download here [268 Kb] 1993~1995
Addition 7 maps found (Dos) Download here [19 Kb] 2001~2002
Maps designed by others (Dos/Win). Some maps are Win Only Download here [283 Kb] 2002~2003
Note that some of the newer maps, in particular -- maps with more than 200 territories, will not work in the DOS version. However, there are more than 100 maps that do work in the DOS version.
Conquest versions for PDAs with ARM processors
Conquest for HPC 2000/ Win CE 3.0 Download here [168 Kb] 01/01/2002
Conquest for HPC 2000/ Win CE 3.0 v1.13 Download here [196 Kb] 08/02/2002
Conquest for Win 2.11 Download here [200 Kb] 08/02/2002
Conquest version for PDAs with MIPS processors
Conquest for HPC 2000 / Win CE 3.0 Download here [204 Kb] 08/02/2002
Conquest for Win 2.11 Download here [204 Kb] 08/02/2002
Conquest version for PDAs with SH4 processors
Conquest for Win 2.11 Download here [208 Kb] 08/02/2002

Registration costs $14, and it brings a password that will enable all versions of Conquest to access over 100 maps. Order is not available for the moment.

Thank you for your business!

Once you register, here is how to unlock the older DOS versions.